Friday, April 12, 2013

Organic living isn't just for Foodies, it's for Everyone!

Hey Everyone,
This is a blog for all my friends and anyone that wants to know more about Organic foods! After a long time of contemplating whether I should make a nutritional blog or not I decided that this is a great way to share my thoughts and advice on healthy eating habits. Most my friends know what I'm studying but for those that don't I am an Kinesiology/bio major. I am finishing my bachelor's and am interested in dietitian work whether it be opening my own practice or working with the school districts with our children's nutritional needs. I am very excited to share my thoughts about eating organically, and hope to hit important topics on today's food system. I am open to comments, questions, and suggestions on further topics. My hope is that if one person can take away something from this blog so that they will make a more conscientious choice when choosing food then I've done my part. :) Thank you all again for listening!! :D


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